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The Promises of Jesus Associated with Praying the Chaplet for the Dying

The Diary of St. Faustina holds a record of conversations the Saint had with Jesus during which Our Savior made promises to those devoted to His Divine Mercy.

Below are some of the most inspiring of these conversations.

During the night, I was suddenly awakened and knew that some soul was asking me for prayer, and that it was in much need of prayer.  Briefly, but with all my soul, I asked the Lord for grace for her.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 809

The following afternoon, when I entered the ward, I saw someone dying, and learned that the agony had started during the night.  When I verified it – it had been at the time when I had been asked for prayer.  And just then, I heard a voice in my soul:  Say the chaplet which I taught you.  I ran to fetch my rosary and knelt down by the dying person and, with all the ardor of my soul, I began to say the chaplet.  Suddenly the dying person opened her eyes and looked at me; I had not managed to finish the entire chaplet when she died, with extraordinary peace.  I fervently asked the Lord to fulfill the promise He had given me for the recitation of the chaplet.  The Lord gave me to know that the soul had been granted the grace He had promised me.  That was the first soul to receive the benefit of the Lord’s promise.  I could feel the power of mercy envelop that soul.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 810

This evening, a certain young man was dying; he was suffering terribly.  For his intention, I began to say the chaplet which the Lord had taught me.  I said it all, but the agony continued. I wanted to start the Litany of the Saints, but suddenly I heard the words, Say the chaplet.  I understood that the soul needed the special help of prayers and great mercy.  And so I locked myself in my room and fell prostrate before God and begged for mercy upon that soul.  Then I felt the great majesty of God and His great justice.  I trembled with fear, but did not stop begging the Lord’s mercy for that soul.  Then I took the cross off my breast, the crucifix I had received when making my vows, and I put it on the chest of the dying man and said to the Lord, “Jesus, look on this soul with the same love with which You looked on my holocaust on the day of my perpetual vows, and by the power of the promise which You made to me in respect to the dying and those who would invoke Your mercy on them, [grant this man the grace of a happy death].”  His suffering then ceased, and he died peacefully.  Oh, how much we should pray for the dying!  Let us take advantage of mercy while there is still time for mercy.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 1035

When I entered the chapel for a moment, the Lord said to me, My daughter, help Me to save a certain dying sinner.  Say the chaplet that I have taught you for him.  When I began to say the chaplet, I saw the man dying in the midst of terrible torment and struggle.  His Guardian Angel was defending him, but he was, as it were, powerless against the enormity of the soul’s misery.  A multitude of devils was waiting for the soul. But while I was saying the chaplet, I saw Jesus just as He is depicted in the image.  The rays which issued from Jesus’ Heart enveloped the sick man, and the powers of darkness fled in panic.  The sick man peacefully breathed his last.  When I came to myself, I understood how very important the chaplet was for the dying.  It appeases the anger of God.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 1565

Pray as much as you can for the dying.  By your entreaties, obtain for them trust in My mercy, because they have most need of trust, and have it the least.  Be assured that the grace of eternal salvation for certain souls in their final moment depends on your prayer.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 1777

Today, the Lord came to me and said, My daughter, help Me to save souls. You will go to a dying sinner, and you will continue to recite the chaplet, and in this way you will obtain for him trust in My mercy, for he is already in despair.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 1797

Suddenly, I found myself in a strange cottage where an elderly man was dying amidst great torments.  All about the bed was a multitude of demons and the family, who were crying.  When I began to pray, the spirits of darkness fled, with hissing and threats directed at me.  The soul became calm and, filled with trust, rested in the Lord.  At the same moment, I found myself again in my own room.  How this happens…  I do not know.
--- St. Faustina Diary, 1798

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